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Hey I was just wondering if your inherited in one piece because I didn't see it on your list, otherwise your list is pretty sound

Ah actually I have just recently started watching One Piece after my friend recommended it, im on like episode 229, so im like far from actually catching up, but yh absolutely love it !!!

just need to update the list really, and thanks :3 x


#sittinginthebathblogging #andeatingchocolate #andwatchingfireworks #whilereading

Hikari dealing with kei’s “sexual harassment” :3  <3<3<3

dammit Ryūji why are u so freaking caring ?!?!  *dying whale noise*

me and my bedroom

Minori’s attack on fat !!! x3

this part was soooooo unexpectedly kawaii :3

Yes!!!!! I found an Anime lover!!! I'm kinda new, I started last year, but I'm OBSESSED!! :D Can u follow me back btw? :)

yeah i love anime :3 

and yeah it can be quite obsessive :3

but sorry, i dont do follow backs, i only follow blogs that i want to see at least 90% of their posts on my dash, not that i dont like ur blog or those that follow me its just that im really specific as i dont unfollow people… ever… so when i press that button im kinda committing to follow that person no matter what “/

 sorry my fellow anime lover :) <3 

Hey! How are you? I see you're kinda obsessed with Kaichou wa maid-sama and so am I xD Also,thanks for reblogging from me and for liking my posts :D Your blog is awesome! (I just wanted to talk to you,sorry for being creepy) So, that's all for now! xxxxx

hey :3 im fine thanks , wbu? 

Kinda obsessed ?!?! i absolutely love Usui >.< i love the show so much ive started reading the manga cause i love the both of them x3 

yh no problem darling ur blog is FABULOUS !!!

and btw definitely not creepy u seem awesome,  we shud talk more:) my skype is on my blog in the description if u want :3

talk soon xxx


yes… yes i was …… 

jus wanted to give u guys some usui x misaki love 

reading the manga currently :3 love it 

Its Cake Time

I was jus sitting craving cream and chocolate cake, but there was no cake…

so i jus made one…

and it was AWESOME !!!

these 2 r jus perf <3

jus ughjff, i mean asdfghjkl…. *dying wale noise*